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With Age Comes Wisdom

30 Aug

Junked the play I was writing and started work on a new one, which is just rocketing along. A full-length, 90-minute, 2-hander in real time. Snarkily menacing. It’s definitely in my wheelhouse.


Let’s review…

21 Jun

So I haven’t updated this in quite a while. I had started it in 2011 when I was writing my play, Stanislavski’s Methods. Finished it two years later, and since then have written two other plays, Lost Souls and Petey’s Parade, all available on the New Play Exchange.

I’m working on a new one now. And frankly, I’d rather spend my time writing it than writing about it. So while I won’t be updating this very often, when I do it will be important.

We hate it when our friends become successful

13 Jun

Watched the Tony Awards last Sunday night. Well, I thought, that’s another year I didn’t win for best play.

(This post’s title courtesy Morrissey.)

This Charming Man

13 Jun

So here’s the story. I’m a playwright, or at least I am when I’m write something, which I am now. It’s my first play in a few years. I wrote my first play 32 years old, when I was 20, and it was produced in regional theater and in New York. Since then, I’ve written about five or six other plays (depends how you count), and they’ve all been done in some manner. The reaction my last play got, according to my agent, was that it was “too funny.” so there’s that.

Frankly, I’m sure my new play will be too funny as well, but I’ve got a few things up my sleeve. And I’m always learning. Maybe this one will be better.

So nothing here about my work in Washington, D.C., or my family. No need for that. I might drop in something about the other love of my life, apart from writing. Arsenal, a London soccer team, for the uninitiated. How I, a Brooklyn kid, grew up to love English football, is another story. I’ve started a novel about a football journalist in London, too, but that’s on the back burner.


(This post’s title courtesy The Smiths.)